Signs for You to Know
How to Tell If Someone is Lying


    There are many reasons that we would lie to someone. We can even make up a lot more excuses when we have to lie to our spouse or better half. There may be little white lies that we do once in a while to avoid a fight, or we just don't want them to know about certain things. However, when your spouse begins to lie to hide an affair, then these are the kinds of lies that needs a little more digging. So I need to knowhow to tell if someone is lying?
    When you suspect a person is lying, then you should concentrate on their body language. His or her reactions will tell a lot if they are telling the truth or if they are trying hide something from you. These are not 100% fool proof indicators or signs of someone is lying, but I have had success with these methods in finding out if my better half is lying or not.

    You should never have to defend the truth, right? So when you ask your spouse about something they should know about, then they should be able to answer you naturally without being defensive and agitated.
If they are not being truthful, then you should be able to see some tension in your spouse's facial muscles and shoulders. Also pay close attention to their eyebrows or any reaction from the forehead.

    One of the greatest lie indicators that your spouse is lying to you is a sudden outburst of anger. There should be no reason for such a reaction.
Whenever these lie indicators are present, you have probably caught your lover lying to you. It is important that you keep your cool in situations like this and be careful not to keep on digging. Just take a mental note about it and act as if nothing happened.

     Remember that even if your spouse is a good liar, they will get themselves caught up in the details so just have patience. Eventually, they will slip and their stories will change. Knowing how to tell if someone is lying, particularly your spouse, would need unbiased evaluation and observations. Remember though, this is not fool proof so you have to combine this with other methods so you can verify and have back up plans so you could avoid having this backfire on you.

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